Polly Myhrum Pottery produces a line of hand-made dinnerware, serving pieces, and decorative objects created in a simple, understated style and decorated with a touch of whimsy. Inspired by such European potteries ans Quimper and Faenza, the pieces are (predominantly) white, with hand-painted floral and animal patterns in combinations of blue, green, pink, yellow, or brown. These underglaze designs are covered with a white glaze, softening the colors but giving the ware a distinctive brightness.

Each piece of the white stoneware is fired to 2300°F, which makes it durable and dishwasher/microwave safe. If mugs become stained by tea or coffee, simply fill them with water and a tablespoon of bleach and soak them overnight. The ware can be warmed in a conventional oven but should not be used for baking or broiling. Extremes of temperature should always be avoided--never place a cold piece of stoneware in a hot oven or a heated piece in the refrigerator or under cold water, and be sure to bring planters inside during the winter. With proper care, Polly Myhrum Pottery should last a lifetime or two!

serving platters
honey pots
sugar & creamer
candlestick holders
butter dishes